How To Go To Legoland From Singapore

If you are thinking of mosting likely to Legoland while in Singapore (SG), after that you need to thank heaven for little graces as there are a number of transportation alternatives you can choose from’

If you are thinking of mosting likely to Legoland while in Singapore  How to Go to Legoland From Singapore

Legoland is one of the most available theme parks on the planet as it rests just near the Lion City’ Actually, arriving is not as hard as one can picture’ This is why millions of vacationers involve Legoland as it is just 45 kilometers far from the Yard City (one more name for SG)’ Just what’s much more incredible is that the theme park showcases 7 more fascinating theme parks within’ Aside from that, the location is likewise filled with dining establishments, memento stores, as well as mini-shops which can truly attract kids and also grownups also to earn Legoland a part of the travel plan when checking out Singapore’

Ways to Get There

Thanks to technology and insight, going to Legoland is as easy as ABC’ You can pick a technique which fits your individual or family members demands, spending plan as well as other choices’ Here are the transportation choices:


If taking a trip long distance and also investing more time when traveling does not trouble you or your family members, this is one good way to travel as you do not need development reservation’ You could offer your group at public bus terminals going to Johor Bahru’ Simply follow the Jurong East as well as Benefit Lay mosting likely to Tuas Checkpoint, then get off when the bus stops at CIQ Interlink’

You could pass by bus from 7:00 AM to 11:45 PM, Monday to Sunday’ From this point, you board on one more bus’ Legoland will certainly be the very first quit of that journey’ There are 8 bus trips from CIQ Interlink that begins with 9:00 in the morning every hour and also HALF AN HOUR after’ Bus SI1 as well as Bus JP02 only has four trips in eventually which starts at 8:30 am and after that every 3 hrs thereafter’

The rate of bus tickets vary from SGD20 to SGD56 each’


If you want to take a trip faster than by bus, this is among finest options’ You could hire a recognized taxi from Singapore as well as demand to be dropped at Johor Bahru Sentral’ Take another taxi from this point on to get to Legoland directly’ With this approach, you don’t need to travel at the very least 2 hrs’ You can even bring elderlies or those with convenience problems’

It is extra expensive though as well as you have to publication beforehand’ You could also additionally get a Legoland ticket reservation to assist in convenient access when you get to a customizeds office either in Malaysia or Singapore’ Remember, just accredited taxis are allowed inside the Malaysia area and also regular taxis are limited to the departure on the Singapore side’ So making it more convenient, you could set up with your SG taxi to work with a Malaysian taxi which will certainly fulfill you at the border’

Exclusive Transport

When we say personal, it is with a personal car or by renting out a personal car solution’ The very best aspect of this alternative is that you will certainly be gotten wherever you remain in Singapore as well as you will certainly be gone down straight at Legoland in Malaysia’ Another outstanding attribute of this method is that you do not have to get out of the cars and truck once you get to customized checkpoints in both the Malaysian as well as Singaporean stations’

If you are renting a private car vehicle, it will set you back around SGD 170 to SGD 320 depending upon the sort of vehicle you will schedule’ This is naturally the suitable alternative if you choose a faster journey from SG to Legoland and you have the cash to spend lavishly’ On top of that, this is additionally wonderful for groups as the greater number of individuals you travel with, the less expensive it comes to be as you are renting out the whole vehicle instead of paying on a per traveler basis’

Package Tour

You can schedule in advance from different holiday company and also let them take care of whatever consisting of organize transport services from Singapore to Legoland together with other perks like totally free bottled water (or even food), comfy sitting plans, youngster pleasant seats, DVD gamers, TELEVISION screen, or songs gamer’ Some plan excursions also include insurance policy coverage as well as offering amusement demands whenever feasible’

Whether you travel from Singapore to Legoland alone, with your family, or with a group, there is constantly one alternative that matches ideal for you’

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